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How do you manufacture Fruit Juice?

Rithvik Lawrence Food Technologist Answered question November 10, 2022

Fruit juice processing is the process of converting fruit into canned juice with a long shelf life, without losing the original taste of the fruit. For all the fruit based beverages, the first stage is the extraction of juice or pulp from the fruit. The following are the key manufacturing stages:

  1. Selection and preparation of raw material
  2. Juice extraction
  3. Filtration (optional)
  4. Batch preparation
  5. Pasteurization
  6. Filling and bottling.

Any fruit can be used to make fruit juice, but the most common ones include pineapple, orange, grapefruit, mango and passion fruit. Some juices, such as guava juice, are not filtered after extraction and are sold as fruit nectars.

Fruit juice processing includes the following stages:

  • Fruit raw material pretreatment: To select the fruits for the highest quality, not damaged, stamped, fresh, and succulent and cleaned before being put into the processing process.
  • Juice extraction: The process of squeezing from fresh fruit to raw juice, which contains many unnecessary impurities.
  • Clarification and filtration: Filter the fruit pulp mixed in the juice completely.
  • Homogenization: Bringing raw materials to the same general formula.
  • Deoxidation: Completely remove the oxygen present in the raw juice, to prolong the shelf life of the juice.
  • Concentration: Concentrating pure juice to prepare for the preparation stage according to the general recipe.
  • Composition adjustment: Depending on the type of beverage, it will be mixed according to the allowed quantity.
  • Packaging and sterilization: Put the juice into the available packaging, pack and sterilize in accordance with FDA regulations before being widely distributed to the market.

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Watch Video: https://youtu.be/JZe0tjzPP9c

Rithvik Lawrence Food Technologist Edited answer November 10, 2022
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