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What are the methods of processing fruits and vegetables?

Rithvik Lawrence Food Technologist Answered question November 11, 2022

Different fruits and vegetables can be processed in different ways. Some of the common process methods include blanching, drying, canning, pickling, juicing and freezing. There are many different ways for storing food for long periods of time. Drying is a way of processing food by removing the excess water from it. The dried food can be used at a later time and even shipped to other countries. Canning is another method of storing food.  Food is placed in cans and heated in boiling water. The heat of the boiling water kills the bacteria and extends the shelf life of the food.

One way of preserving fruits and vegetables is to use the blanching method. Blanching is immersing fruits or vegetables in water at a temperature hot enough to damage microorganisms. When blanching, it is important to have enough water to fully cover the fruits or vegetables. In addition, the water should be brought to a rolling boil for about 3 to 5 minutes. This will ensure that enough heat is applied to render the fruits or vegetables safe for human consumption. Cool the fruits or vegetables down rapidly just before serving. The rapid cooling process can be accomplished by immersing the fruits or vegetables in ice water or placing them in a refrigerator.

Watch Video – https://www.youtube.com/watchv=6Iy_fJBbcTI&t=24s

Rithvik Lawrence Food Technologist Answered question November 11, 2022

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