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What is the importance of processing fruits and vegetables?

Rithvik Lawrence Food Technologist Answered question November 11, 2022

Fresh fruits and vegetables are packed with nutrients, vitamins, minerals and fiber. But the body is unable to absorb these nutrients until the vegetables and fruits are at least partially cooked. This is because the tough cell walls in these plants must be broken down in order for the body to absorb these nutrients. There are two main ways to break down these cell walls. Heating them or soaking them. Either one will work well, but soaking the vegetables or fruits for a period of time will yield the best results.

Processing fruits and vegetables is an important step in a healthy diet. All fruits and vegetables need to be washed to remove chemicals and pesticides. Peeling removes the outer layer of the fruit or vegetable, which is where produce often contains the most pesticides. Using a scrub brush helps clean the food and allows you to get a better scrubbing on many fruits and vegetables. With many fruits and vegetables, it is a good idea to soak them in a mixture of water and vinegar or lemon juice before scrubbing, to make it easier to remove the outer layer of the fruit or vegetable. After scrubbing and rinsing the produce, it is important to dry it before storing it.

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Rithvik Lawrence Food Technologist Answered question November 11, 2022
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