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Which chemical is used to preserve curd?

Rithvik Lawrence Food Technologist Answered question November 16, 2022

The most commonly used preservatives in dairy products such as cheese and yogurt are benzoate, sorbate, and natamycin. These compounds are generally used to inhibit various types of microorganisms. Sodium benzoate the first chemical preservative approved in food products by the FDA. The carboxyl group and conjugated double bonds in the sorbate structure are reactive and have a strong effect on the antimicrobial activity as well as the quality and the safety of the product. Natamycin plays an important role in surface treatment of food like cheese. The mold grows on the surface of cheese which is the major factor limiting the shelf life. Natamycin is active against nearly all yeasts and molds.

Note: Preservatives are crucial to the preservation, safety, and freshness of the foods in our global food supply system. 

Preservatives and preservation techniques prevent foods from spoiling and oxidizing quickly, allowing grocery manufacturers to distribute foods across the country and the globe without impacting food safety or quality. Two significant factors that cause foods to go bad quickly are microbes and oxidation.

Microbes that cause spoiling are undesirable bacteria, fungi, and yeasts that can grow in our food products. These microorganisms feed off the foods’ nutrients and can cause serious harm to humans if consumed. Without preservatives, bacteria such as listeria and botulism can invade our foods and if consumed by humans, can cause us to become critically ill. Less harmful bacteria, fungi, and yeasts will grow on foods making them inedible.

Oxidation, which is a term for certain types of chemical reactions, can impact food safety and flavor by cause an undesirable chemical change that can turn fats rancid and can cause vegetables and fruits, such as cut potatoes and apples, to brown. Enzymes and other chemical breakdown processes are responsible for the oxidation that transforms foods into an unpalatable, and at times, unsafe product.

Rithvik Lawrence Food Technologist Answered question November 16, 2022
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