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What will be the cost of setting up of a mini dairy plant for pasteurized milk, curd, lassi, and flavoured milk? Also, what would be the separate cost for equipment (for 500 LCPD)?

Rithvik Lawrence Food Technologist Answered question November 5, 2022

Well, the cost of setting up a mini dairy plant will depend on several factors. Some of the important factors are:  (i) the quantity of milk you want to process and sell, (ii) the taste of your product, (iii) the method of pasteurization, (iv) number of seasons, (v) the location of your plant, (vi) the area you wish to operate from, etc. To give a very rough estimate, you will have to spend about 10 Lakhs for your pasteurized milk plant. Apart from this, you should also consider the cost of labour, electricity and other expenses.

A mini dairy plant is too small to be economical. A mini dairy plant up to 500 litres per day can be set up at a cost of about Rs.1.5 to Rs.2.0 million. However, a decent mini dairy plant for pasteurised milk, curd, lassi, flavoured milk would cost more than Rs.2.5 million, depending upon the size of the plant, required capacity of the plant (500 to 1000 litres per day), availability of raw milk in the locality, and the quality and number of equipment being purchased.

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Watch Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pb9mKG8PJVQ

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