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How To Start a Cosmetic Production Line?

Types of Cosmetics Products Today, there are thousands upon thousands of cosmetics products in the Indian market. The cosmetic can be divided into several distinct types. Here they are: 1) Powders – Most common and easily use a form of makeup. 2) Gels – shampoos, body washes, shaving products, and toothpaste. 3) Suspensions – Sunscreen, […]

How To Start Jam Processing Business

How to Start Jam Manufacturing business ...

What is Jam/Jelly Processing Plant ? Jams and jellies are spreads typically made from fruit, sugar, and pectin. Jelly is made with the juice of the fruit while jam uses the meat of the fruit as well. Jams and jellies are prepared to preserve fruits by using sugar and pectin either added from outside or […]

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