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Difference Between UHT Vs Pasteurized Milk

Difference Between UHT Vs Pasteurized Milk

One of the most popular health drinks in India, milk is a nutrient-rich beverage that’s highly beneficial for your health in a number of ways. Considered to be an essential part of our nutrition, it is one of the few habits that we carry on since our childhood and continue as adults. With an extremely […]

What is Milk Pasteurization?

Why is Milk Pasteurized?

Pasteurization Overview Pasteurization is the process of heating milk to a high enough temperature for a long enough time to kill illness-causing germs. Pasteurized milk is milk that has gone through this process. The main objectives of pasteurization are as follows: To increase milk safety for the consumer by destroying disease causing microorganisms (pathogens) that may […]

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